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The use of designated foot traffic crosswalks with lighted indicators and zebra stripes began in England and is still in use today. The signals were manufactured by railway signal makers and consisted of a lever that was raised and lowered by a police officer.

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In , local traffic authorities 3 could designate crosswalks for pedestrians, but pedestrians were granted right of way over all vehicles so long as they adhered to traffic signals. Crosswalks near schools and in residential areas with heavy pedestrian traffic receivedadditional markings and signs. By , laws were passed to ensure all vehicles must yield to pedestrians on curbs or in crosswalks, while pedestrians must yield to vehicles when not in these locations 4. The exceptions to these rules stipulate that vehicular and foot traffic must yield to emergency vehicles with lights or sirens.

In , crosswalk rules were slightly amended to require drivers to grant right-of-way to pedestrians, and not just yield. Some Relevant Statistics. The Brooklyn Safety Council used Jackie Coogan to attract children to this poster, which was distributed in hundred thousand lots in Brooklyn.

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When the Jackie Coogan poster was issued by the council, not a soul was killed by traffic in eleven days. Even with all of these regulations, pedestrian fatalities continue to occur.

Are Pedestrians Invisible at Zebra Crossings?

While all pedestrians are at risk, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 5 finds that young boys between the ages of 5 and 9 are most likely to be involved in a pedestrian crash, while older people, though less likely to be hit, are more prone to suffer a fatality. With an estimated 70, pedestrians killed yearly worldwide in motor vehicle collisions, the importance of firm laws, proper signage, and careful attention is clear.

Crosswalk Signs.

October 10, —A propaganda poster to remind drivers to look out for careless pedestrians and to keep pedestrians mindful of their own actions. Perhaps the greatest defense against pedestrian collisions is caution from both motorists and pedestrians alike. Pedestrian crossing signage, usually a yellow pentagon- or diamond-shaped sign with two figures walking, can warn drivers on approach to areas with heavy foot traffic. The creators hope that their smart design will become increasingly common throughout India and perhaps even the world.

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The Zebra Crossings The Zebra Crossings
The Zebra Crossings The Zebra Crossings
The Zebra Crossings The Zebra Crossings
The Zebra Crossings The Zebra Crossings
The Zebra Crossings The Zebra Crossings

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