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You can try selecting from a similar category, click on the author's name, or use the search box above to find your book. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Are you looking to do more than just "business as usual" and truly impact lives and advance the Kingdom of God through your enterprise?

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If so, The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur is a must read guide for you! The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God's Way is an inspiring and highly practical guide for entrepreneurs of faith and is based on sound Biblical principles. ISBN See details. See all 3 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information No more S.

In this book, authors Shae Bynes and Antonina Geer provide entrepreneurs of faith with a Bible-based and Holy Spirit inspired guide that shares an unpopular yet powerful approach to setting goals for your business. Along with real-life illustrations, the authors also include a blueprint that helps Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs stay focused and achieve the goals that they have established so that they can serve their families, truly impact lives, and advance the Kingdom of God through the marketplace.

Even if you have already established goals for your business, reading this book is guaranteed to challenge your thinking. Also, we evaluate the mediating roles of the managerial team and the entrepreneurs social network in this relation. Our results are manifold. First, we show that venture creation was not the initial professional choice of most of the entrepreneurs in our sample. Then, we distinguish three classes of entrepreneurs according to their professionalisation process. Finally, we shed light on the relationships between entrepreneurs motivational trajectories and their acceptance to meet bank requirements Keywords : entrepreneur; loan; debt; motivation; venture creation; managerial team; social network.

With regard to the minority of Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, the recent literature has elaborated on the beneficial influence of social ties on entrepreneurial behaviour. The process of gathering and sharing information includes a variety of facets, including social ties. Derived from the theory of social capital and social identity theory, we expand the concept of social ties to a holistic view of social interaction. Accordingly, we define social interaction as a synergy of general social support, particularly from relatives, and general boundary-spanning. Respective insights are held within a black box being scarcely highlighted.

After applying a two-step methodology based on linear regression models, our results demonstrated that the concept of social interaction has a significant influence on entrepreneurial intentions. Having opened the black box, social interaction among Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals revealed a strong influence on entrepreneurial intentions, whereas social interaction with hearing individuals lacked significance levels. Some scholars have studied the entrepreneurial phenomena in the field of handicraft in general, focusing on the motivations, goals and perceptions of success of artisan entrepreneurs.

However, studies regarding artisan entrepreneurs and, specifically, their quality of life and well-being have not been sufficiently discussed in this entrepreneurship literature. For that reason, this paper explores the well-being of artisan entrepreneurs and seeks to identify the antecedents of this well-being. We conducted an exploratory qualitative study through which we highlighted some important characteristics of artisan entrepreneurs well-being, such as passion, personality, creativity, culture and heritage. On the basis of these findings, we propose and discuss a first model of the antecedents of well-being for artisan entrepreneurs.

Keywords : well-being; artisan; entrepreneurship; Gioia method; passion; heritage; sense of work. Authors present a literature review bases on previous research about the relationship between social capital and social entrepreneurial intention to identify gaps. There is no research which uses three dimensions of social capital to measure social entrepreneurial intentions, although these three dimensions were introduced in Nahapiet and Ghoshal, This research contributes to the literature of social entrepreneurship in general and social entrepreneurial intention in particular by providing new relationships between the three dimensions of social capital and social entrepreneurial intention.

The findings also suggest important implications for policy makers in increasing the number of social entrepreneurs as well as new research directions on social entrepreneurial intention for researchers. Keywords : social entrepreneurial intention; social capital dimensions; the theory of planned behaviour; social interaction and ties; social trust; shared norms.

Thakur, Amit S.

Yet, the region continues to lag behind in entrepreneurship development. In an attempt to explain this apparent failure of conventional policies to promote entrepreneurship in Mizoram India , this paper explores the factors that could potentially determine entrepreneurial dynamism and performance in an indigenous society through the lens of their tribal culture and institutions.

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Our results show that tribal values are the prime drivers of entrepreneurial dynamism, while conventional traits and attitudes have no impact, disproving two dominant narratives. We also find that conventional subsidies have a negative impact on profitability, perhaps due a dampening effect of subsidies on dynamism.

Keywords : Indigenous entrepreneurship; Mizoram India ; tribal values; policy incentives; entrepreneurial dynamism; culture and entrepreneurship. The challenge is not just to improve and increase their production capacity, but also make the work environment conducive to attracting and retaining talented workforce. The study takes a look into the work environment in some of the SMEs operating in India and the impact of the work environment on the job-related attitudes of the employees.

A sample of employees working in 14 SMEs was drawn for the purpose of the study based on convenience sampling technique and various organisational theories like the Social exchange theory, social embeddedness theory, role theory and role overload theory were tested for their applicability to the specific work environment prevalent in these SMEs.

The various work domain factors which directly affect the psychological perceptions of the employees about their work-place are tested in the study and the results confirm the strong and significant role played by work-place social support and role overload in affecting work behaviours like job satisfaction, affective commitment, turnover intentions and also in affecting work-family conflict faced by the employees of SMEs.

The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Keywords : co-worker support; supervisor support; organisational support; role overload; job satisfaction; affective commitment; turnover intentions and work-family conflict. Primarily driven by economic reforms and a desire for greater autonomy from the State, Cubas self-employed workers and non-agricultural cooperatives have increased significantly since This has unleashed an unprecedented level of entrepreneurial activities in one of the last bastions of communism in the Western Hemisphere.

However, Cubas self-employed workers and non-agricultural cooperatives face a wide range of institutional and economic barriers that limit their economic contributions and potential for growth. Eliminating these barriers, and drastic changes in State policies towards the emerging non-State sector, are essential requirements for the development and expansion of small and medium enterprises SMEs , and for improving the living standards of the Cuban people.

Keywords : Cuba; Cuban economy; economic reforms; entrepreneurship; non-agricultural cooperatives; self-employment; transition economies.

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Entrepreneurial culture and promotion of exporting in Algerian SMEs: perception, reality and challenges. The governments of these countries encouraged the creation of an entrepreneurial culture by providing all the necessary facilities and subsidies. In this logic, the Algerian government has launched some initiatives encouraging SMEs, with the aim of gradually getting out from the windfall economy and diversifying exports.

That is why we will discuss the reality of entrepreneurship in Algeria in order to verify the reliability of the measures taken. Indeed, the objective of our research consists of checking the reliability of the SMEs created. We also intended to verify whether the objective of export diversification through the encouragement of SMEs is realistic. The analysis of data collected showed that the effort deployed by the Algerian government has led to an important increase of SMEs creation. Results also showed that the majority of these new companies are non-exporting and integrate the sector of services and trade.

These new firms created new opportunities of employment and consequently deeply contributed to the decrease of the unemployment rate in Algeria. However, the reaching of the objective of a diversified economy is far from being achieved.

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The contribution of these SMEs in exports remains too far from the objectives targeted by the Algerian government. This study employs the competing explanatory models in understanding ethnic migrant entrepreneurship as a phenomenon, through a qualitative perspective in a non-western contextual setting. The findings suggest that the coalescence of the host country environment and ethnic migrant entrepreneurs home country cultural resources is a fundamental factor in influencing migrant entrepreneurial activities in the host country.

This paper contributes to the ethnic and migrant entrepreneurship discussion by providing an integrated framework of the explanatory models in the field, which can be utilised in complimentary with conventional theories and models in business and management studies. The integrated framework, which is the outcome of this study, outlines the general landscape of ethnic migrant entrepreneurship, thus provides important practical implications for entrepreneurs operating in international settings and policy makers dealing with trade and migration. Keywords : Ethnic migrant entrepreneurs; resources; opportunities.

The development of a Top list for Scottish Family Businesses is key because it allows us to consider their economic importance alongside the wide range of international family business research that considers their differentiating factors. Building this bridge between academic research and policy is a current priority. This paper outlines some of the practical developments from this work, whilst contributing to the debate about the translation of academic research into the wider field of policy and business support.

In opening the debate, the academic team at Queen Margaret Business School are also highlighting their willingness to engage with colleagues whose professional experience is similar or complementary and to share approaches that have worked across difference countries, cultures and geo-political divides. Keywords : Family business; small business impact; Scotland; business education; migrant communities.

It is a strategy adopted by urban dwellers aiming to improve their livelihoods.

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Hence, in this context, Thailand can adopt this strategy and promote vegetable production in a citys residential area, thereby benefitting its urban dwellers. Therefore, the objectives of this study were as follows: 1 to describe the socio-economic factors of urban dwellers who practise vegetable production and 2 to determine the factors influencing urban dwellers adoption of urban commercial vegetable production UCVP in the Bangkok Metropolitan.

Questionnaires were administered to respondents 88 home vegetable growers and 46 commercial vegetable growers , who were randomly selected. A binary logistic regression model was employed to analyse the collected data. The results revealed that network membership and the practice of urban vegetable production has the potential to reduce the cost of buying vegetables and increase household income. Additionally, the motivation that the consumption of urban vegetable products enhances peoples health was found positively significant to the adoption of the UCVP practice.

Moreover, the following factors were found to be negatively significant to the adoption of the UCVP practice: access to information on urban vegetable production can also facilitate access to fresh vegetables and practising vegetable production as a recreational activity. The research identified factors influencing the adoption of UCVP; simultaneously, the research recommends that not only the relevant organisations but also stakeholders should consider determining measures that possibly encourage the adoption of urban vegetable as well as identifying suitable tools that can best lead to positive adoption decisions Keywords : urban vegetable production; commercial urban production; home urban vegetable production; vegetable production adoption; home garden; commercial garden.

On the other hand, due to diversity in products and services, this sector offers many entrepreneurial opportunities. The purpose of the current study was to investigate determinants of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition by agricultural entrepreneurs. This study was conducted using survey method, and the sample was made up of Iranian agricultural entrepreneurs. The participants were assigned with proportionate stratified random sampling. Path analysis results showed that social networks was the most important determinant of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition with the highest direct effect 0.

Other factors influencing opportunity recognition included creativity, self-efficacy, prior knowledge and regulatory institution.

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Education influenced opportunity recognition indirectly through creativity, prior knowledge and social networks, and work experience influenced opportunity recognition indirectly through self-efficacy and social networks. Relevant theoretical and practical implications and contributions are discussed. Keywords : Agricultural entrepreneurs; Entrepreneurial opportunity; opportunity recognition; Agribusiness; Iran.

The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting
The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide To Goal Setting

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