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The meal will conclude with a cheese course with fresh honeycomb and a selection of mead. The mead tasting will be guided by Darrell Corti, an international wine judge. The event will be accompanied by a musical trio and include a silent auction of gift baskets and unique food-, wine- and honey-focused opportunities. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Honey and Pollination Center, which coordinates educational and research efforts in support of all aspects of the beekeeping industry.

Julie Loke California produces more figs and pomegranates than any other state in the nation; in fact, our state is the sole producer of 99 percent or more of the U.

And honey? The Golden State ranks second in honey production , eclipsed only by North Dakota.

So why not combine all of them into a dessert? And add some walnuts and goat cheese for good measure--and good taste? The event, held Oct.

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Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility. I love to eat them just out of hand but have incorporated them in everything from grains with toasted almonds to tossing them in most any salad and especially in desserts for a fun pop of tartness. So when Loke delivered her presentation on how to make Baklava-Inspired Napoleans with fresh figs, pomegranate, honey and chevre mousse - and then served the dessert to the crowd - the crowd clamored for more.

She describes it as "crispy layers of phyllo dough, walnuts and spices, balanced atop dollops of tangy goat cheese mousse with fresh local figs, drizzled in California orange blossom honey. Pre-heat oven to degrees.

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You can melt the butter in the preheating oven or in short bursts in the microwave or in a pan on the stove—watch it closely. Set aside in a warm spot on the stove.

In a food processor, finely mince the nuts, sugar and all of the spices. It should be fairly fine easy to sprinkle over the dough. Or chop by hand and mix. Set aside.

This will be layered between each sheet of phyllo dough. Prepare two sheet pans that are large enough to hold the phyllo sheets or close to it; you can always trim the phyllo to fit.


Gently unwrap the phyllo and cover with a clean, damp fuzz-free dishtowel. Lift a whole sheet of phyllo from the pile and carefully lay out over the sheet pan.

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She grew up in a family of bakers, but wanted to be a teacher. Shortly after graduating with her masters in early childhood development, Brown took a long-term substitute teaching position at Franklin Elementary School in west Fresno. Brown took her observations to the principal and the cafeteria manager.

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And every year I go to Washington D. Brown began working for Rich Products in , training people for in-store bakeries at the manufacturing plant in Fresno. She was also the first female sales person for the company. I want you to clean up your language.

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Six years later, Brown began training cooks in the school foodservice industry, and has continued to do so. She creates recipes that utilize Rich products and meet the regulations for school meals. Then, she and her sales team get feedback from students and school cooks from around the country.

Changes are made to the recipes as needed, and Brown demonstrates how the meals should be prepared. I remember the first improvement I got was an electronic typewriter.

The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook
The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook
The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook
The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook
The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook
The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook The Fresno State Alumna Cookbook

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