The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)

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In the midst of battle, something appeared in the sky. Ruin of Hohensyburg castle, on the site of the Sigiburg. Witnesses saw in the air two flaming shields, one after another. These appeared to hover over the top of the church as though spectral knights were bringing them into battle. Because of this miracle, it seemed the Franks were protected by the sky, and because of the assault the French had launched at their rear, the Saxons became so frightened that they all turned and ran.

For this last event, apart the chronicle of the text, there is pictorial documentation depicting two crusaders. In the miniature it shows the crusader with his arms up and clearly depicts an object in the sky, shaped like a sphere, with little circles like portholes around it. It is interesting to note the representation of light or energy emitting from the object seems to convey movement. These tapestries of two crusaders dates from the 12th century.

The Changeling (the First Book of The Saxon Tapestry)

But it is only when observing the image [above, on the left] that it is possible to understand the attempt of the artist to portray the image in artistic perspective — but in those historical times, the concept of artistic perspective did not exist yet. Images were represented only in one dimension, flatly. Observing the other image [above, right], the one of the crusader with the crown on his head maybe a noble leader or even Charlemagne, though the chronicles tell us he was not present at this event riding the horse and pointing to the object in the sky , it is possible to determine that the object inside the burst of light cannot be anything but an unidentified flying object — as we can confirm from the witness tales and from graphic documentation in circulation.

Another unusual flying object is found in a beautiful miniature from the Renaissance period, in the Urbinate Bible.

Anglo-Saxon Riddles 01

This manuscript is kept in the Vatican museum; it is the most famous document relating to the Holy Scriptures. Hugo de Cominellis or Hugues de Cominellis de Mazieres has been identified as the scribe of these volumes which were commissioned by Frederico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino. It was written at the studio of Vespasiano da Bisticci, the renowned Florentine bookseller, who was the primary provider of manuscripts for the Urbino library.

The manuscript is a transcription of the canonical text of the Vulgate — a famous text translated by Saint Girolamo from Ebraic and Aramaic in AD. A number of different artists, panel painters, fresco painters, and miniature painters worked together in decorating these volumes. The Urbinate Bible is a rare example of artistic collaboration in Florence at the end of the 15th century.

The image is a perfect example of how mystic representation, the anomalous factor, and daily reality are brought together. We have the mountains, the surrounding countryside, the town, and the men and horses as examples of objective reality. We also have the divine mystic element falling into classic patterns of religious iconography. What interests us in this painting is the unusual object in the top right. It is a round body emitting blazing rays. From the flames surrounding the object we witness a straight yellow beam of light laser?

There are no perfectly straight lines in nature. In this example, the object is clearly out of the religious context. Straight beams originating from flying objects are no strangers to Ufology. For this miniature, any analysis cannot state for certain whether the artist had seen or heard something in reality, but one thing is apparent, he wanted to tell us something….

Ancient Artists Left Signs For us to Decode. Did they Witness UFOs?

Thanks to our technical knowledge, we might immediately think it is some secret military aircraft or even extraterrestrial. Was there the deliberate intention to alter the result of that battle? Or was it just by chance the two flaming discs appeared in that moment?

Thus, it seems right to wonder if the battles during which these sightings occurred were so critical for the still forming empire of Charlemagne, promoter of Christianity. How important was it that the Saxons were driven away? How important was it that Charlemagne won?

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And if the Saxons had won, what kind of civilization would we have today? And why? At age nineteen she won the "Miss Italy" beauty contest in She was featured in interviews on American TV Read More. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us.

We seek to retell the story of our beginnings.

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    Smashwords – The Changeling (the First Book of The Saxon Tapestry) – a book by Sile Rice

    This region has also been quintessential In , an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector turned up a medieval gold ring that was set with a sapphire stone in Sherwood Forest—haunt of the legendary or real Robin Hood. A Welsh house has been transformed into Medieval-style home equipped with a drawbridge over a mini moat. The detached property in the county town Ruthin in Denbighshire, north Wales, which has become A fire has engulfed an historic castle in Japan. Ask it above. Adult Rated 5. Anglo-Saxon England is poised between its last great flowering and catastrophic end.

    Two men — one a king, the other an outlaw — try to hold back the tide of history. The first book of The Saxon Tapestry tells of the youth and exile of Hereward the Wake, and of Harold Godwinesson's path to becoming the last king of a doomed civilisation. Growing up in the fenlands of Mercia, Hereward, son of Earl Leofric, is cursed with a birthmark thought by the common folk to be the work of elves or goblins. A wild and defiant youth, he is wrongly banished by King Edward and shipwrecked off the Irish coast.

    He is saved by the enchantress Muirgheal, and his new, idyllic life with her tempts him to forsake his homeland for good. Meanwhile, the weakness of the ailing and childless King Edward lays the country open to the ravages of intrigue, ambition and conquest. A power struggle ensues which pits brothers Harold and Tostig Godwinesson against each other, while Normans and Vikings covet England from without.

    The Saxon Tapestry

    Sile Rice takes the fragments of medieval history, poetry and legend and transforms them into a historical fantasy of great beauty and power. Create Widget. About Sile Rice. Learn more about Sile Rice. Also by This Author. A C Seary reviewed on on July 16,

    The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)
    The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)
    The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)
    The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)
    The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)
    The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)
    The Changeling (The Saxon Tapestry Book 1)

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