Tales of the Windships

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Creating determined heroines and the men who appreciate them

Cinderella: A Ragtime Musical. An Italian Cinderella who lives in New York. A prince charming who is actually an offbeat artist. And the famous tale told through the music of ragtime. This magical tale of hope and love charms audiences as they realize that fairy tales really do come true. Memories of this musical are guaranteed to last beyond the stroke of midnight.

The familiar story of Cinderella gets a twist when Cinderella herself is responsible for her transformation from victim of her step-family to victorious young lady. Juliet has had enough! Enough with the poison, enough with the stabbing, and especially enough with the dying.

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She wants a new story and she wants it now. More parts for girls! More romance!

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Less death! Romeo and Juliet will never be the same - or will it? Not everyone's so keen on the changes. And why is Romeo sneaking off with Rosaline?

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  • Pre-orders now available for A Wasteland of My God’s Own Making.
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The Escape of Bubbles Malone. When kids from a group home for unwanted children send Santa a letter stating "I Hate Christmas," two of Santa's elves, Rolly and Dingo, must save the day for these forgotten children. In the Kingdom of the Clouds. In a war-ravaged Earth of the future, the children have lost their spirit and their ability to imagine. Therefore, they can no longer visualize the clouds as familiar images when they look to the sky.

However, the Clouds help to make choices that restore the hope for Earth and its children. The children once again see the clouds taking on shapes, and the promise for a better tomorrow is fulfilled. With songs reflecting the spirit of the Emerald Isle, "The Last Leprechaun" is the story of the only leprechaun left on earth, accidentally left behind when the other leprechauns went to live in a secret magical place beneath the earth.

But this leprechaun is not exactly alone- he's being chased by a gang of angry fairies who had been denied access to the underworld, as well as a greedy Irishman who plans to make his fortune by capturing the leprechaun and his gold. Molly O'Brien, a young American girl visiting her relatives in Ireland, helps the leprechaun reunite with his friends and family. In the process, Molly and her magical friends help to save the people and economic woes of a small town in Ireland. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Narrated by the ghostly Woman in White, who claims to be one of the Headless Horseman's victims.

The Little Witch of Wichita. Something's brewing in Oakwitch Gardens where witches and warlocks gather every year for the Halloween Happening. A positively spooky new musical for youth theatres.

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I smell something troublesome! The Littlest Witch is a family musical about a mischievous little Witch who mixes up her holiday with every other season but her own. Eventually, she learns her lesson not to play tricks on anyone until it's her own special holiday, Halloween. The Love Note Musical is a hilarious and touching tale of young Jessie's arrival at a new and outlandish middle school where there is a colorful and zany cast of characters.

The ruthless bullies run the cafeteria, the unique bookworms stick together behind their books, and the watchful Lunch Lady wields a mean soup ladle. Meanwhile there is a cute boy named Peter who looks Jessie's way during math class. Jessie sits alone in her new school cafeteria, but gains some comfort from the tiny pink love note that her mother packs into her lunch bag. As soon as the head bully Brittany steals her love note and bites into her tasty sandwich, Jessie knows she is in trouble. In the musical The Love Note, Jessie and her lively imaginary friend, Airy, invent a spicy strategy to overcome the lunchroom bullies who pilfer her lunch and laugh at her precious love note.

It has richly orchestrated recordings as well as all sound effects available for rehearsals and performances. Cast size is flexible. Luann: Scenes in a Teen's Life. Miracle in Mudville. Mye of Tantamee, a young storyteller in search of inspiration, wanders into the wacky land of Yarbankian and the fun begins.

Robert Silverberg Timeless Time Travel Tales Audiobook

From the opening scene to the dance marathon at the end, audience members of all ages are swept along by magic, music and mayhem. A fantastical original fairy tale that reaches out to both deaf and hearing children with a wonderful tribute to Lewis Carroll. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. This play also reaches back to include the storyline from the original E. Hoffman book explaining how the Prince was long ago turned into the Nutcracker who later magically saves Clara from the evil Mouse King.

The story is told in two distinct acts, offering the choice of having a large cast or, by doubling, having the actors from Act I reappear as other characters in Act II. Through fanciful biographical scenes where he must get permission from his parents and extended family, his childhood journey to art school artfully, playfully, comes to life. When MARC discovers color, he begins to dream of being an artist. He should be a fishmonger like his PAPA. She encourages him to see UNCLE N, the family sage, who greets them on the city rooftop, playing the violin disparagingly.

He reminds Marc that painting human faces is forbidden.

Announcing: The Doors at Dusk and Dawn, a Shattered Sands Novella

What is a real friend? Poor Prince William is the ugliest child in the world, and the curse can only be broken when he makes a real friend. What he finds instead is a sweet old dragon named Dennis D. Dragon and three young dancing dragonettes, who he quickly befriends. Shout is unique!

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Every song is performed a cappella. No bands or music tracks are needed. Background music is supplied by an onstage Vocal Orchestra. There are parts for all singing levels. The book, written by award-winning playwright Lindsay Price, is poignant and uplifting. Add a rich and soaring vocal score by Kristin Gauthier and your audience will be still Shout! When a children's theatre director tries to produce a series of classic fairy tales, some forgotten characters, such as the 8th and oversized dwarf, and Cinderella's sweet and friendly step-sister, demand their time in the spotlight.

Short Stories

This heartwarming musical adaptation by Gerry Cullity, based on the beloved classic from Hans Christian Andersen, captivates audiences as they journey with two young friends, Gerta and Kay, across a shimmering dreamscape of ice and snow. The Snow Queen is a fascinating tale of sadness, redemption, and the power of love that is sure to inspire the entire family with the joy of the Holiday Season.

When a family sets out to see America, they mistakenly leave behind their lovable puppy, Casey, at a rest stop in Arizona. With the help of her newfound friends, Casey comes to realize that home is where the heart is. With the guidance of a wise Eagle and the unconditional love of her Mother, the Ugly Duckling realizes her inner beauty and also finds love and friendship in the most unlikely places. This poignant tale, which heralds a message of acceptance, tugs at the heart with its stirring view of the impenetrable bond that a mother and her child share.

The Wizard of Oz a modernized version. There she meets many colorful characters, such as the Mad Hatter, M. Mouse, and the Tea Time Tappers. The whole audience will love dancing the "Caterpillar Conga" and bowing to the Queen of Hearts. All this fun will leave you smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

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Explore themes that are perennial and timely, profound but humorous: children growing up and falling in love; power, creativity, forgiveness, freedom. When a group of students tries to do just that, not everybody's jumping on their bandwagon. In fact, another group of students wants to pull the wheels right off.

Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships
Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships
Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships
Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships
Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships
Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships
Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships
Tales of the Windships Tales of the Windships

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