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Changes this winter include tours of Space Center Houston, including the one-of-a-kind Independence Plaza exhibit complex.

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Campers will receive a T-shirt as part of their registration. Campers will design, build and test robots to overcome real-world challenges and simulate situations that could be encountered during space exploration.

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Care is available before and after camp times for an additional charge. Register today before camps fill up by visiting spacecentercamps.

Space Center Houston’s Winter Day Camps Explore Innovation with Rocketry and Robotics

The Manned Space Flight Education Foundation is a c 3 nonprofit science and space learning center with extensive educational programs. Space Center Houston is the cornerstone of its mission to inspire all generations through the wonders of space exploration. More than , teachers and students from around the world visit the center annually to take part in extraordinary learning opportunities.

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    It was awkward, often troubled with difficulties, much like the technological kinks of budding virtuality reality. But the intent is special, inspired, and loving. Your email address will not be published.

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