Notes in the Margin

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And the step forward in the digital world is that our marginalia can be seen by others and enrich their experience. As I write that, it seems like a wildly optimistic view of digital commentary.

What Are Marginal Notes?

Marginalia: A Better Way to Read. Prev Article. October 8, by Frank Blake.

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"to make notes in the margin" in Portuguese

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What is difference between Annotations, Marginalia, and Side notes? Ask Question.

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King James Bible Margin Notes

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So if you can explain why more than that is required Cerberus yes, I looked them up online. MarginNote is available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and they all have almost the same features.

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Notes in the Margin
Notes in the Margin
Notes in the Margin
Notes in the Margin
Notes in the Margin
Notes in the Margin
Notes in the Margin

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