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I just love Momma's very warm character. The fact that she was underpaying herself broke my heart. Only real honest people do that, and she belongs in the soul food. I might even consider buying her book! Still the only episode from either country where Ramsay largely enjoys his initial meal? Never seen him finish a plate, or even most of it.

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Seems like Charita got greedy. Chef Brian became an Art student? A real shame although unfortunately the writing was on the wall from the start. Unlike most other places the food was not the problem here it was that Charita had a poor head for business. After her initial spike in popularity she over-expanded by moving to larger premises and this proved to be her undoing.

I recent watched the episodes.

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I am very disappointed to read the bad news. The food was great.


Gordon loved the food. I was surprised to see him enjoy the first plate. However, Charita poorly ran her business. I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and want you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts. Not surprised it closed. She was not listening to a word Chef Gordon said.

It was all yes yes No humility whatsoever.

Apparently she thought she had all the answers. An all too common affliction.

I'm surprised that Ramsy wasted his time with her and a few others that have appeared on KN. Don't be ridiculous.

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She listened to Gordon and still speaks well of him. She just expanded too much and wasn't good at business. Probably needs someone to help her with that. And of most of the people on this show, she really deserved it.

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Go back to observing, cuz clearly u can't do it properly and it's better to just do that than speak ur mind and spread lies and misinformation. I think she was set up for success in the original Shack, but over-reached with non-existent capital to get a lease on that HUGE building, cut corners on the food and down she went. What a pity. Gordon should have just fixed the staff. She was fine and didn't need to change. I think Gordon messed up on this one.

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One of my favourites on the re-watch so far. Thank you to those who have already participated in the membership drive!

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Your efforts are appreciated. A lot of what life throws at us is out of our control, but the amount of effort we put in to the people we care about, the work we do, and improving ourselves is fully in our control. If you haven't put in the effort you think you could have during the first half of , don't worry; just try again. Unselfishness Avoidance of providing for one's comfort and personal advancement at the expense of others.

Loyalty Faithfulness to country, Corps, and unit, and to your seniors and subordinates.

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