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Bird-hunting models include spa covers that double as pop-up shooting blinds.

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Deluxe features include Instant Kill Mode which shuts off jets, lights, and water circulation for precision shooting , in-tub beer coolers, and even integrated rifle rests. One model includes an elevated center turret mount with height-adjustable, degree, gyro-stabilized rest and built-in cupholder.

Fog-proof optics are a necessity, as are specialty lubricants to protect weapons against moisture and humidity. No need to get out until the heat signal stops moving—so you can soak in the afterglow of a terrible shot , literally.

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The ethics and rules surrounding hot-tub hunting are far murkier than the water you might find in an actual spa. Montana FWP has recently proposed new regulations aimed at increasing the smug satisfaction hot-tub hunters crave, while also decreasing the number of hapless children and pets accidentally shot in the face.

The new rules would include the following: hunters are to consume no more than two whiskey drinks or one line of cocaine per hour while actively, passively hunting from the tub. No jets, bubbles, or light shows are allowed while shooting. No sexual contact including handies is allowed at any point during the hunt. Other than that, almost anything goes—hot-tub hunting, benign as it sounds, is the wild west with fruity drinks.

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast

For more information, visit hottubhunting. Jump to Navigation. Paul, MN and the surrounding Metro Area.


Excellent and popular choice of entertainment for:. Weekends and Holidays.

New Years. Wedding Receptions. Birthday Parties. Backyard BBQ's.

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Hot, Wet, and Wild Hot, Wet, and Wild
Hot, Wet, and Wild Hot, Wet, and Wild
Hot, Wet, and Wild Hot, Wet, and Wild
Hot, Wet, and Wild Hot, Wet, and Wild
Hot, Wet, and Wild Hot, Wet, and Wild
Hot, Wet, and Wild Hot, Wet, and Wild
Hot, Wet, and Wild Hot, Wet, and Wild

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