Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I

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May God lielP us do our duty in the fear and strength of God. There are about lseven or eight preachers around iere. I hope they will turn out to h, ear the glorious evening light. Pray ' wale and our success in the work. We are still rejoicing in the love of God, hav-ing complete victory in our souls through Jesus Chriat our Savior o-ver all this world of sin. Wife and I left home Oct. We arrived b Hit meeting where they there Oct. On Sunday went to the Camp e e at th, us and theccesa the salvation of souls. Your humble brother he Lord.

If they do not obey, that wordwill stand a-gainst them in the great judgment lin ; day. The next morning held a meet- Ithr g, and then went - to the water where ee more dear souls were baptized.

From thence we Went to Bro. Beltz's house. God bless the dear ones for their kindness to us while among them. Held meet-ing last night in the St. Thomas school house. Oh, pay for us, as last night was the first time the true gospel was ever preached in this place. Since our last report we have held two meetings. Found ' the minds of the people covered with gross dark-kni dly invited us to preach. Souls meeting eighteen days, and the Lord did wonderfully work with souls.

Eight professed juetification and three sanctification, and four were buried h Christ in baptism. It was a glorious country on earth visiting the great east to our souls. Some have a blessed experience of justifieation and are seeking a pure heart. May God put them into the grace where they can stamh Your brothersaved and sanctified, Ost is W ilson. In summer you can go on the mar-ket at any time from six in the morn-tug to twelve at night, and by singing a song and commencing to preach, I1 five minutes get a crowd of In five hundred to a thousand peo-pie around you, from statesmen to bootblacks, all eager listeners.

The city has the best police force I ever saw, and the best of order pre-on you all in the name of je, vails. We preached there several times, re I am truly glad that I can re- ; but it was so cold that we had to giva port perfect peace and victory in my it up till spring. We have been look-soul and in the truth. Orr ofla letter from Bro. McDaniels from Tampico waiting for me at the sta- I the West, stating that he had one in tion. It can be used here in the summer, and in S. At this place, West Point and Lambertville, N.

Also there will doubtless be a camp meeting here on the coast. We ate praying Gad to OR K.

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People are hun-was done. We then went to the grY for the truth, and many homes West Point school house and held are open for us.

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I was never in a quite a few gathered to hear the truth, but as the train was late we did not get there until time to close the meet-ing. We held meeting nine nights also had some good. War'ner east next spring and summer. Now, all that can help us in this work please send the money at once to Bro. Byrum, editor of Trum-pet, or to myself- at this place. While in Washington, D.

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God showed me a great field of labor there. How-shire, O. Some of e I testi!


From the field battling for the Lord, and here we go over to Amberson Valley we are glad that we can report victoryiano will remain there as long as - through Jesus Christ our Lord. From I Father wills. Dear ones, pray for us, the Norwood camp meeting tin Aug. Bolds and fam-; this benighted country,! Though driven into infidelity by false profess- work of the Lord.

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We are still fully ors. Praise Jesus forever and ever! The meeting east of Greenville, Pa. WeJeft many friends for Jesus and his precious cause. Two were wholly sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and a few glorious cases of divine healing. The Lord abundantly bless and reward the dear people. From there we went and spent two weeks in Trum-bull Co. Also held a few meetings in the Corinth meeting house. The beloved saints were much edified and strengthened in the pre-sent truth.

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The Lord truly bless them all for their kindness to us. From there we returned to Green-ville, Pa. God is working here. Three consecrations for holiness yes-terday. The 30th inst. Dear Bro. Kilpatrick is desired to be at that meeting. All will be welcome to the feast. Address us at St. Much holy love to ter a long time of silence I greet you all.

We are praising the feet of Jesus, dear Lord for his sustaining grace F.

Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I
Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I
Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I
Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I
Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I
Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I Gospel Trumpet Editorials Volume I

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