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Submit your corrections for everyone to enjoy! The tour supporting the album, entitled the Sphinctour , lasted from March - July Four singles were released in relation to the album.

Filth Pig Tab by Ministry | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

Lastly, "Brick Windows" was a single released in Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Filth Pig Don't Blame Me.

Filth Pig [180 Gram Vinyl] (LP)

Categories :. Cancel Save. I'm not sure why, but I remember playing a few tracks from Filth Pig at random during a journey, the first time I had listened to it in months.

Ministry ‎– Filth Pig

Suddenly, a different approach to heavy music had stood out to me unlike before. I started giving the album more attention over the subsequent weeks and before I knew it I was listening to it constantly. A masterpiece of an album had emerged. It's like it was leading the keen listeners of Psalm 69 back in into a full sense of security before the slow, sinister, sludgy and monolithic Filth Pig truly kicks in.

This album is immensely slow yet crushingly heavy for the most part. The title track is a dragging, two-chord piece of pure menace, mood set perfectly by the apocalyptic drum clatter right at the start. It even incorporates a harmonica solo which adds to the southern vibe. This one sounds like a catchy tune grinded distortedly through melting bass amps.

Filth Pig

This is evoked by the roaring synth and crashing snares juxtaposed with a delicate cascading piano line. Filth Pig is special to me because it was my first introduction to slower, heavier genres of metal.

In Defense of … Ministry’s ‘Filth Pig’

I've since gone on to discover and to love bands like Electric Wizard, Godflesh, which were a huge influence on this album even Type O Negative and it all started with Filth Pig. I feel like my music taste has matured and broadened vastly since I started appreciating this record. It's not hard to see why it was so badly received when it was released, even I'm guilty of dismissing it at first, but Filth Pig and the subsequent Dark Side Of The Spoon for that matter, simply demanded more from the listeners who would be casually in search of good old riffage.

It's a damn shame that the upcoming Ministry album will be, even if enjoyable, more generic thrash. If Filth Pig had been given time it would undoubtedly be a classic of the genre.

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Filth Pig Filth Pig
Filth Pig Filth Pig
Filth Pig Filth Pig
Filth Pig Filth Pig
Filth Pig Filth Pig

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