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In this book, clear, concise instruction is given for each meditation in both basic and advanced levels.

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These meditations are presented in as much authenticity as possible and can be readily learned by a wide variety of people from absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners. This book teaches not only how to meditate but also the theory and principles behind meditation. Detailed instruction is given on the proper way to breathe and how to develop good breathing habits.

In a nutshell, there are essentially 2 methods of meditation: Spiritual meditation and Martial Art meditation. Spiritual meditation develops clear-mind awarness and higher-consciousness. Martial Art meditation develops focus, concentration, strength, and chi life-force energies.

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There are similarities between Spiritual meditation and Martial Art meditation, but the difference is on the focus. This book teaches martial art meditations created by the Shaolin Monks and Nuns. Lieferbar innerhalb von zwei bis drei Werktagen. Bitte reservieren lassen. Unsere zentrale Filialhotline: - 30 75 75 Bewerten Empfehlen Merkzettel.

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Beschreibung Learn to tap into your chi! The monks and nuns knew this and developed a series of meditations that trained new students in how to quickly tap into chi, cultivate it, and circulate it throughout the body. Almost anyone. They were designed for both the beginner and advanced students.

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If you practice yoga, Tai Chi, Zen, martial arts, you can follow in the footsteps of the Shaolin and readily adopt these meditations to your own practice. These meditations trace their lineage directly back to the Fukien Temple in China, one of the greatest and most legendary Shaolin Temples in history.

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The Shaolin Monks and Nuns used these meditations not just to enhance their chi but to heal themselves, increase their health and expand their longevity. The meditations form the basis of chi training in the temple. It taught students how to properly breathe, how to focus and concentrate, and it strengthened their body, mind and spirit.

You, too, can learn what the Shaolin Masters knew and apply it to your own life. As in building a house, we have to start at the bottom, rather than at the top.

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Many people, on first learning meditation, want to start at […]. I went to a concert last week with a friend. It was outside of town in a beautiful meadow with a wooden stage at one end. It was great to be in the country and visit with various friends and listen to the deep devotional music of my friend Matura, who was accompanied by much of the cream of Eugene musicians.

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Eternal Chi Eternal Chi
Eternal Chi Eternal Chi
Eternal Chi Eternal Chi
Eternal Chi Eternal Chi
Eternal Chi Eternal Chi
Eternal Chi Eternal Chi
Eternal Chi Eternal Chi

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