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It will take as long as it takes.

When you start off, ideally you will be engaging with your shield in a meditative space at least once a day. How quickly you become familiar with it and start to work with it is entirely up to you. Work at your own pace. As you sit inside your shield, start to pay more attention to detail, sharpening the focus as you would do on a camera.

Become increasingly aware of details such as thickness, colour, texture, sensations.

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This is your own personal shield. How it manifests is entirely up to you. The outside of the shield may be solid or rippling, dull and absorbent or shiny and reflective, rough or made of a Teflon-type material. You will know intuitively whether you wish to absorb and transmute negative energy, whether you wish it to roll off and harmlessly disperse or whether you wish to reflect it back to source. Personally, when deflecting negative energy, I always choose one of the first two options as a first resort.

Primarily, because negative energy can quite often be transmitted unknowingly and for all sorts of reasons. If I can neutralise or transmute it then this is a more efficient and less messy way of mopping up negative energy. And if someone is unconsciously directing negative energy at me, might as well transmute it to a positive boost!

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If someone is consciously directing negative energy at me, and simply not taking the hint that it might not be a good idea, then I have plenty of methods for more direct action…. But I digress.

Once you feel comfortable visualising, feeling or simply knowing your shield relatively quickly, maybe play around a little by pushing it gently outwards or drawing it to you to encourage familiarity and responsiveness. The next step is to examine it for any weak spots. Cast your psychic eye and run your psychic fingers over the inside and outside of your shield to check for cracks or breaches. If and when you discover one, concentrate your focus on the area and repair it.

Get into the habit of doing this once a week or so. All this is the basic practice to setting up, checking and repairing your shield. Feeling comfortable, and familiar with it and competent at using and maintaining it.

Energetic Protection

Once you have this basic practice mastered, you can then go on to adapting your shield to suit the situation. Some people prefer to have their shield running at a low level for the most part, reinforcing it as the situation demands. You may wish to adapt your shield to the situation; its walls may be rigid or flexible as occasion merits. In tandem with becoming more familiar with your shield, hone your energetic reading skills if necessary.

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Walk into a room and see what energetic traces you pick up there. Of course I have a certain amount of natural ability; but as with any skill, the key is to practise, practise, practise. My shielding has been known to cause hardened psychics to break out into a cold sweat. The work I put in at the outset provided the firm foundation to build on. As mentioned earlier, Part Two of this article will cover tips for the more advanced practitioner.

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In the meantime, practise your shielding technique if necessary until it becomes second nature and keep up the good Work! Energise Defence Fields…. Raise Shields! The Enchanted Annex. Selenite another crystal is excellent for purifying your aura.

Energetic protection

Wave a selenite wand around your body about 6 inches or so away from your skin to neutralize and extract negative energy. Flower essences and gem elixirs can help heal, bolster, and fortify your energy field and emotions throughout the day. For extra spiritual protection throughout the day, you may like to call on Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to establish or refresh a sphere of bright, white, protective light around your body and energy field. You may also like to make your own protection charm.

My own book, The Good Energy Book , also has a lot of helpful energetic and magical practices for establishing healthy boundaries. Setting healthy boundaries will support every aspect of your magical spiritual path, and it is absolutely something you can learn how to do. Did you fortify your boundaries with any of the strategies in this post? What did you think? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

7 Tips For Practical Energetic Protection

Where is a good place to get protection and good energy stones such as black tourmaline. Need protection crystals of good quality. Hi Katie! It does not need to be a complex intention, as simple and heartfelt is often the best approach. I would encourage you to use a statement that resonates with you, so please feel free to amend this intention statement to suit you. Salt baths are not only great for general detox purposes, but they are also very effective at removing psychic contamination. Psychic contamination is any energy that is picked up that may have a detrimental effect on you such as negative thoughts, emotions, and even psychic attack.

While running a bath add your salt Himalayan Salt is a great choice and anything else you may feel is appropriate such as purifying essential oils or even nettle tea. While running the bath perhaps use your intention to ask for a cleansing effect as you soak in the water. There are many wonderful energy healing systems, modalities, techniques and attunements available for energetic protection.

Some offer general protection while some are extremely specific depending on what you want to achieve such as cord cutting, implant removal etc.

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I have put together an Energetic Protection collection of some of the best attunements that may be useful in getting an idea of what best suits you and your needs. In particular, the Protective Shield Maintenance Attunement aims to offer a quick and easy way to shield yourself from negative energies.

There may be times when you want someone else to do an energetic clearing for you and to help strengthen your energetic protection. Sometimes a different perspective can be beneficial in finding solutions to what you are working on or towards. I'm Craig, founder of Blissful Light.

Don't forget to sign up to my newsletter for the latest energy healing, vitality, and well-being blog posts, products, and subscriber only specials. New to attunements? Start here. Our energy healing blog aims to inspire you to question, discover and grow.

Energetic Protection Energetic Protection
Energetic Protection Energetic Protection
Energetic Protection Energetic Protection
Energetic Protection Energetic Protection
Energetic Protection Energetic Protection

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