Customer Strategist - Spring 2011

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Martin Hill-Wilson is a pillar in the customer community in the UK. He is a favorite among the keynote circuit and is a respected blogger and curator of industry trends. He has also served as an experiential trainer, consultant, facilitator, director and CEO for a variety of brands. He is also a founding member of Beyond Silos — an expert group offering design and delivery service for next generation customer engagement. Joshua March is a visionary in the new wave of customer care, where the social, mobile customer is calling the shots and redefining engagement.

In , his vision of online communication and customer service convening with social care, encouraged businesses to invest in new processes and technologies to manage the rapidly shifting social landscape. case study – 2018 update

His company SocialPath Solutions helps brands drive social customer service and engagement through consulting services and hosted social response teams. Hopper believes that customer service and marketing are intrinsically connected. Customer relationships can have longevity when brands focus on creating remarkable experiences for their customers.

Jeff Lesser is currently a rockstar Product Marketer at Twitter.

From social media marketing to retargeting and betas in Adwords he has been there to implement it all first. Dan Moriarty was Social before it was cool. He began his digital career with Mediaedge in London, before cementing his career on the other side of the Atlantic at Resolution Media. Dan was a disruptive Social evangelist at Hyatt.

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Now the Digital Director for the beloved Chicago Bulls, Dan brings his social klout and astute awareness for his customer to the fast-paced world of the NBA. As the head of digital experience and social media at Discover, Dan Gingiss oversaw the customer experience and VOC across all digital channels; and led the company's social media strategy and execution. He currently is the Head of Digital Marketing for a Fortune Healthcare company where he champions the cause of social customer service and customer experience.

Dan is an advocate for the power of good customer experiences and outstanding customer service. He is a SocialFirst example and is extremely active on Twitter. He is a father to 5 and is married to his wonderful wife Michelle. Through consulting, keynote speaking and his regular contributions to Forbes he gives expert insights into the full view of the customer, corporate culture and culture change.

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Click Here to Congratulate Micah. Michael Maoz has a rich career spanning over 30 years of international experience, 20 of those years focused on CRM applications, contact centers, customer engagement hubs, social CRM, field service, SaaS and the dynamics of the European Market. His focus on customer strategies and technologies, with an emphasis on the CRM customer service disciplines, collaborative customer strategies, social media strategies, and cloud-based CRM applications and analytics has made him a pillar of insight and a trusted futurist in the service industry.

At American Express, he handled VoC Strategy and drove major CX improvements by encouraging more customer feedback and launching a VoC Action team to dissect the standing account management processes to help build proactive strategies. During his career he has delved deep into every facet of Social Media, from social care to PR, community development and more.

He is the go-to man for brands seeking to strengthen their customer relationships and build their brands across Social Media channels. However, Gadi is an expert on all functions involving social media, especially customer service.

David Marcus is the man of the hour with Messenger, his pet project, having just exceeded 1 billion users. Marcus is a visionary and entrepreneur who has taken multiple companies to acquisition stage. Yet, what he has done for Messenger is his most impressive accomplishment to date. He has helped define the future of Social Media and therefore the future of customer service. Ian Jacobs is a Senior Analyst at Forrester, who advises senior customer service executives on the technologies, processes and services that they use to win, serve and retain customers. Using a combination of great data, persuasive writing and engaging storytelling, Ian helps companies remain relevant and find competitive differentiation in the age of the customer.

Getting his start at Rutgers University, by earning a bachelor's degree in comparative literature and sociology, Ian is also an award-winning columnist, is regularly quoted in major global publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Send us their bio, background and why you think they deserve to be listed among the 30 elite to tamar.

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The Future of Customer Engagement
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011
Customer Strategist - Spring 2011 Customer Strategist - Spring 2011

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