An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)

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Let's go with amazing. According to the film's DVD commentary Wright wrote that joke for "a film that never got made about a pub crawl. Maybe there's something like that being the first five minutes of the movie. The Flicks Cite Their Cinematic Sources Wright and Pegg are notorious film fanboys who love to leave Easter eggs everywhere as a nod nod to some of the greats in horror — and action — film history while naturally letting other fans know that they know.

In Shaun of the Dead , the restaurant where Shaun promises to take Liz as an apology for flubbing their anniversary "the place with all the fish," as Shaun calls it is called Fulci's Restaurant, an homage to Italian goremaster Lucio Fulci. In Hot Fuzz , the officer Nicholas Angel is sent to replace in Sanford — you know, the one who went mad and committed suicide — is named Sergeant Popwell, for Albert Popwell, the actor who played multiple roles in the Dirty Harry movies; Sanford street names are also named after famous action-movie directors, as well.

With The World's End , we decided to not make any of those references.

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We agonized over mentioning the film Aliens in case people thought, 'Oh, you're mentioning Aliens. There's no point in the film where we actively nod at another film. Nicholas Angel Is a Real Person If you've watched the credits on some of your favorite movies over the past few years and you should — respect the filmmakers!

He's a friend of Wright and Pegg's — so good a friend, it would seem, that when he signed on for Hot Fuzz , they gave him the ultimate honors. Unsurprisingly, he came back to do The World's End , too. No word yet on whether Gary King has got a real-life namesake, but we're assuming it's probably not this Harvard professor , this filmmaker , or this New Mexico attorney general. The 'Dr. Simon Pegg had his first date with his future wife in a World's End but bar names influenced the movie's script in other ways as well.

At the beginning of the film, Oliver Martin Freeman tries to get out of doing the Golden Mile pub crawl by claiming he has a doctor's appointment. Gary King Pegg retorts that he does, indeed, have an appointment with "Dr. Ink" get it? Turns out that joke came from an actual bar that Wright spotted in London during the film's rehearsals called, yes, Dr. Ink's and I was like 'Dr. Ink's — oh my god we've got to use that! The notion of peer-competitors, which designates a state which could be as powerful as the United States, is very important in the American strategic debate.

Interestingly, while the emergence of a peer-competitor is officially feared, one almost has the impression that the U. It is as if strategists military and civilians were frustrated by the last decade of relatively low-tech COIN although some new technologies were widely used on the battlefields and wanted a real competitor to emerge in order to finally be able to use their expensive and so sophisticated hardwares.

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Screw the insurgent and his AK we want large-scale air battles and cruise missiles to flow! This is translated in the movies by the use of high-tech of some kind, even in movies worshiping the action of the local grunt.

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In Battleship , the aliens generate some kind of energy shield, that isolates Hawaii and prevents a powerful fleet to get in. Fortunately, an American-japanese task force trapped inside the energy field destroys some alien aircrafts with its Arleigh Burke class destroyers apparently, two Tomahawks missiles can do for an alien aircraft and, when its ships are destroyed, uses an old WWII Iowa-class battleship to finish the mothership.

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Now, here is the trivia: in your opinion, which country is deploying anti-access strategies and can be perceived as a threat by both the United States and Japan? Once again, we notice the cinematographic representation of a contemporary strategic concern. I probably missed a lot of aspects in this short analysis, and it would be interesting to extend the study to other sub-genres. Oh, give me a break. The idea that national security policywonks are in Hollywood crafting the latest CGI-heavy, flaw-riddled plots to show their dreams of strategic import is beyond silly.

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Producers and movie studios have only one thing on their mind when green-lighting a movie and hiring the computer wizzes who will add the effects — making a mint because the movie becomes a blockbuster. How do they do that? By appealing to adolescent boys, young single men, and increasingly international audiences of the same demographic to see the movie over and over and buy the DVD.

Certainly developments in the foreign policy landscape can add a plot wrinkle here or there to make the movie seem timely. But this article goes too far.

I agree. I duly notice that blockbusters can be critical Vietnam War movies and I never say that scenarios are written by some officer in the Pentagon. My point is that this kind of specific Hollywood productions reflect the strategic concerns of their times, just as every cultural production reflects some aspects of the society that produces it. I notice a new trend of Alien invasion movies and try to analyze what it means in regard to the U.

But I never argue that it is some kind of conspiracy.

Oh yes, national security policywonks are definitely in Hollywood crafting the latest CGI-heavy, flaw-riddled plots to show their dreams of strategic import. During the years the X-Files ran, the FBI had a constant line at the door of their employment office. Following Top Gun, the Navy saw a huge spurt in enlistees. Beyond all that, the US is still a nation at war and by keeping the people locked into a patriotic mindset… even if it is fighting aliens and not terrorists, there is less chance that they will be carrying signs and shouting slogans in an anti-war march down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Next Generation. Imagine Media. June November May Archived from the original on Retrieved April 28, Archived from the original on July 3, March Films and television series. Alien: The Illustrated Story. USS Sulaco Alien morphs. Accolades for the film series Alien War Alien vs. Predator franchise.

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An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy) An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)
An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy) An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)
An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy) An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)
An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy) An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)
An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy) An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)
An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy) An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)
An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy) An Alien Affair (Alien Trilogy)

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